Ah Yes, Afros. You remember those? Some of you may still have one, or you may have that friend who doesn’t realize that it’s not as stylish as any movie made in the 70’s would tell you. If you don’t have that friend, you may be that friend. Quick, check your head for a giant poof of hair!! No? Don’t have an Afro? Whew <sigh> that was a close one. So…about those Afros. Continue reading “Afros”

It knows!!!

I saw the on Google this morning and wondered what historicalfamous person has a birthday to celebrate. Turns out it’s me. 🙂

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Mac Hacking

Breaking into a MacBook Air is favorite. Especially when I don’t know the admin password. #mac #hackerfun #commandshell

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Finishing Revamp

Hi.  I’m sorry to inform you that I’m still finishing the revamp. I’m almost done. Thanks so much for being patient and hanging in there. New content to be displayed beginning Monday. Thanks so much for your patience. Hang in there!!