Found this post. Forgot to publish it, so I thought I’d share it now. We had an Easter Egg hunt after church

Checking to see if it has candy

Caulder went egg crazy. He got quite a few.

Bee went to a friend’s birthday party at the Taqueria

We had a death delete party. Cooked some brisket and had 20 – 30 people over. No big deal.

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Values – In Work

I work for an organization that is values driven.

You may have some ideas of what that means already, so I’ll explain a bit to avoid any confusion. You see, we aren’t a not-for-profit organization. We’re a for profit business. “OK, so your’ value is making money?” No, not so much. I mean, we’re certainly profitable and we need to make money in order to keep doing what we do. While at the same, that’s not our highest value. “Values Driven” means Continue reading “Values – In Work”


Penal Substitutionary Atonement.

It’s a big phrase. To make it simple, it really means we were traded. We were slaves who were traded for a free person. It’s the foundation for a non-works based belief of our status with God. The Christian would say that Jesus lived a sinless life and traded it for our sinful life. Some good verses of reference are: 2 Corinthians 5:21 and Galatians 3:13

Let’s break it down word by word to make it clearer.


Prescribing the punishment of offenders under the legal system. In other words: Continue reading “Penal-Substitution”

Values – In Church

Every week, I lead a small group of teenagers at a bible study. Every week I start with the same questions. Keep that in mind, we’ll come back.

Years ago

I was a part of a small group of college students. From that small group, a church grew up. One of the first things we did was talk about what we wanted to see out of this group and then search through Continue reading “Values – In Church”

Family Night

Last night was family night. We grilled outside.

And had a water fight

I am outgunned.

Caulder hiding from Beckett

Finished the day with some Strawberry ShortcakeJake and the Neverland Pirates

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If God is a hacker, He likes to upgrade

I have a friend, John. John does some really cool things, he’s super smart, and he’s been very helpful in terms of thinking through technology. He wrote a book that you should read. I’m telling you this, because historically I haven’t thought about technology as broad as I do now. What I mean is that, by John’s definition, anything that was created by cultivating something else is defined as technology. This draws a point about grace when you think through the biblical narrative in Genesis. Continue reading “If God is a hacker, He likes to upgrade”