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I love the church! When you read through the Bible God loves it a whole lot also. No, not the building that a bunch of folks show up to once a week and then afterwards go on and live their lives like normal. Rather, the people of God who have experienced His grace and mercy in their lives. My hope is that this site will be helpful for the Church universal to be able to enter the stream of the culture around them while being anchored to the truth of who God is in the Bible.

Conversatio Morum is an understanding of how we engage as missionaries in our culture. The best definition of this that I have found is from Richard Foster – “Negatively, it means death to the status quo, death to things as they have always been. Positively, it means constant change, constant conversion, constant openness to the movings of the Spirit.”

I feel that this captures the heart of what this is about. As our use of different technologies has increased, the culture around us has recreated itself more and more often. We want to be missionaries in a culture that is constantly changing.  We are constantly not staying, because culture doesn’t stay. We are frequently changing, not only because the culture demands it, but also because the good news of a loving and just God requires it.  We want to do this well. The way we do this well is by letting Jesus, the missionary God, lead us.  Our goal is not only to engage with culture, but also to engage with God.  This gives us an anchor to keep us from going too far down the fast moving stream of our culture.  This is why we are always looking to the Bible as our grid.  As one person said, “We want to be good at both text and context.”  Culture requires us to change to meet it where it’s at, God requires us to change to meet Him where He’s at.  This is the tension we hold of relevance and repentance.  Therefore, we are continually reengaging and having to kill our sacred cows. This constant need from a changing culture is purposeful on God’s part because, like in Exodus, God doesn’t seem excited about our cows. 🙂