Catalyst Dallas: Be Present One Year Later

A little over a year ago I was able to attend the Catalyst Conference in Dallas. If you’d like to read my notes from Catalyst Dallas, you can find the list of posts here. There’s so really great content. The theme of Catalyst Dallas, as well as Catalyst for that year, was Be Present. It’s been a little over a year and I feel like it’s time to evaluate how I’m doing at just that.

Be Present
Be Present Bracelet, Beginning

During the conference, we were given a bracelet. It simply stated “Be Present”. This was a great, simple way, to remind myself throughout the year to be present in all situations. I will say that I’m still on the journey. There are days I’ve done better, and then there are days that I’ve done worse. I will say I’ve gotten more intentional about what, when, and why I’m doing things.

After the conference ended I had to sit down and review how things were going and what needed to change. Generally speaking, unless I’m expecting a call, I try to not use my phone during dinner. I definitely set it down and don’t necessarily pick it up immediately once it starts ringing. I do my best to build out my schedule more so that times isn’t eaten away in the back of my brain by something I’m not doing. Now I don’t have to worry about that thing since it’s scheduled. I have done\continue to do my best to not multitask, but instead I concentrate on the one thing that is right in front of me. I find myself asking if I’m the right person to be doing the thing I’m doing, and if not I try to find the right person. I’ve also worked hard at finding good rhythms for my family in the middle of a busy life of bootstrapping businesses, church planting, day jobs, and whatever other craziness we throw in the middle.

Be Present Bracelet after 1 year
Be Present Bracelet, 1 year later

My bracelet that I referred to earlier is a year older now. You’ll notice there’s no text on it now, the words have faded from it but I still wear it. It reminds me to stay in the moment with people and not get distracted by all the other possibilities. It reminds me that those possibilities aren’t here yet, but the possibility in the conversation is. It reminds me to put down my phone and pay attention to my kids, because twitter won’t raise them and before I know it they’ll be grown. It reminds me that time is fleeting and I need to use it well.

I’m not perfect at it, I won’t ever get there even thought that’s the goal. That’s what pushes me to keep getting better, keep tweaking, keeping finding even better ways to live in the moment. This blog is one of the ways I do that. So from me to you, thank you for reading this. Thank you for being a part and participating.

How are you being present? Do you have ideas, thoughts, or practical helps?

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