Code For The Kingdom Austin 2014

Last year I went with a few guys to a Hackathon called Code For the Kingdom. You can read about it here. The next event in Austin is happening this weekend. This is a great opportunity if you’re in the Central Texas area and you have any experience with development, graphic design, business, movie, and game creation. Come by and participate.

Register today and join us at the 2014 Austin Create for the Kingdom Hackathon

12 Reasons you should participate in Code For The Kingdom

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Team Wins

Sometimes there are things that are so culturally polarizing, they create such hatred and arguments, that you want to avoid it. In this season where our nation is so polarized I almost hate to broach the subject. I’m afraid of who I might alienate by the next statements on this post.

The Spurs are the best example of team I’ve ever found. I don’t just mean basketball, I mean the best team. Now I have to address all the Miami fans out there, then I’ll come back.

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Values – In Work

I work for an organization that is values driven.

You may have some ideas of what that means already, so I’ll explain a bit to avoid any confusion. You see, we aren’t a not-for-profit organization. We’re a for profit business. “OK, so your’ value is making money?” No, not so much. I mean, we’re certainly profitable and we need to make money in order to keep doing what we do. While at the same, that’s not our highest value. “Values Driven” means Continue reading “Values – In Work”


What are you doing at 10X? I’ll explain.

A long time ago, I liked knowing everything. I liked being the go to guy. I’d always try to learn as much as I could about anything, so that I could be the guy with all the answers. I still like learning, but for very different reasons now. Continue reading “10X”

Asking vs Guessing

Are you from an ask or a guess culture? You may be unfamiliar with these concepts. If you’re like me, you’re already putting the pieces together of what ask culture and guess culture are. I’ll give you a short explanation and for further clarity, you can read about these concepts at 99u, The Guardian, or the original concept at These articles came across my desk this week and I had a need to share them. For me, it explained some otherwise nuanced things in my relationships with others. I think it will also explain some relational pain points to you in regards to asking vs guessing cultures. Continue reading “Asking vs Guessing”