Catalyst Dallas: Kirk Franklin – Story Matters

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  1. Spent time at Tony Evans house.
    1. He learned about kingdom life from watching Tony live life.
  2. His son ran the 4×400 relay and the kid before his son dropped the batton.
    1. The 4×400 relay is all about the handoff
    2. If you have a bad handoff, then you have to work harder to catch up.
    3. Alot of times we train on the wrong track.
    4. His son’s response was to reposition himself, in order to get back into the race.
  3. Who do you mirror your life after?
    1. (speaking about God the Father) “The more I learn about my Father, the more I have something to model.” -Kirk Franklin
    2. When Kirk felt like no one noticed him in the industry at the American Music Awards he spoke to God about it. He felt like God gave him a glimpse of what it feels like to be God in our culture.
    3. The Village Inn video shows Michael Jackson perfectly following the director so that the steps light up.
      1. Every step will light up, because our steps have been planned out, if we follow the instructions of the Director.

Catalyst Dallas: John Maxwell interview with Andy Stanley

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  1. You can keep what you start and not give it away, but it won’t be much when you end.
  2. We overestimate the moment and we underestimate the process.
  3. “At all times i’m one step from stupid.” -John Maxwell
    1. Stupid is: trying to take shortcuts, ignoring process, and getting something you didn’t earn.
  4. The best conversations in life come from asking good questions.

Catalyst Dallas: John Maxwell – Lessons from a lifetime of leading

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  1. Get a personal definition of success.
    1. Maxwell’s definition for HIS personal success (this doesn’t mean it should be  yours)
      1. Knowing my purpose in life
        1. What are you passionate about? (this is about 75% of the equation to determine your purpose)
        2. What are my gifts, abilities, and strenghts? (this is about 25% of the equation to determine your purpose)
      2. Growing to my maximum potential?
        1. Growth is not an automatic process (death is, everything else is intentional)
        2. Pause allows growth to catch up
      3. Sowing seeds to benefit others
        1. If you help others get where they want, others will help you get where you want.
  2. Intentionally add value to other people everyday
    1. If I am going to do this, then I have to value you.
    2. If I don’t value you, then I will eventually de-value you.
    3. Who today can I add value to, how can I do it?
    4. You can’t add value to those who you don’t value.
  3. In giftedness and abilities work on your strengths, not your weaknesses.  In choice work on your weaknesses.
    1. “God is never going to hold you accountable for a gift you do not have.”
    2. On a scale of 10, in matters of choice you can go from 1 to 10 quickly, in ability you can only go up between 1 and 3 points
  4. Follow the rule of 5.
    1. Get a goal.
    2. Everyday do 5 things that will help you accomplish your goal.
    3. Compounded success
    4. Maxwell on writing books
      1. Everyday I: read, write, file, ask questions, and write
      2. Not all day, just everyday
  5. Trust God everyday with your lunch.
      1. The story of loaves and fish (Matthew 14:13-21)
      2. If you trust Him with your lunch it will only be a matter of time until you trust Him w/your life.

Catalyst Dallas: Intro

Be PresentWell everyone, i’m back and thankful to be so. Well, last week was Catalyst Dallas and I was somehow (thanks to Mrs joshbjones) able to attend this year.  With that being said, I am now back to the normal daily grind, and have decided to offer my notes from this years conference as they may be helpful to others. So, my plan is to post notes from the main session for a speaker a day for the next several days. Once that is finished, we’ll see about the labs. On the next post I will start with John Maxwell as I haven’t found his talk covered elsewhere yet. Kent Shaffer has already posted some great notes if you want to check them out. I will cover the same talks, but i’m always up for sharing someone else’s content. Great job Kent! Thanks for being so helpful to all of us.

Steve Jobs:Multiplied X 4


At Conversatio Morum, we look at a lot of things, a little different. The reason for this is that we’re always tying technology to missiology. How does technology and what you’re doing with it affect your mission? How does your theology allow you to use your technology to better fulfill your mission? With that in mind, just like everyone else, there needs to be at least one post about Steve Jobs recent passing. So this is it. There may be more, there may not be, but at least there’s this one.

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