Jesus loves the Xbox One?

By this point many of you have heard of the Xbox One that Microsoft announced a few weeks ago. In the event that you’ve been living under a rock or in a cave (where you developed some awesome armor in order to escape in a Tony Stark type ingenuity and awesomeness) then you either A) let everyone know of your armor since that will blow away anything Microsoft just developed or B) check the link above to see the new Xbox that’s really a fairly cool invention.

I don’t plan to go into the technical details of the Xbox One, as there are plenty of people who’ve already written about that. No, remember, Conversatio Morum is dedicated to tying technology to the mission of the church. The thing that’s been running through my mind is how the church can utilize this new technology in a way that helps it with its mission. How can we utilize streaming media in new and more effective ways? We did this with podcasts back in 2006, eliminating the cost of cd’s and allowing messages to go further, faster. Now, it seems, we’re in a streaming media revolution. My thoughts about the Roku were that it was about two years before it’s time. But now, the time seems ripe. Many church’s already have Vodcasts. But are there other ways for church’s to stream media live using the Xbox as the medium? What would this do for cost of entry into simulcasting? Many church’s have their own Roku channel, but what about an Xbox channel? I see this new option as being a great opportunity to revolutionize how church’s do video content distribution, and even possibly a disruptive technology in terms of simulcasting at multi-site church’s.

What do you think? Is this something that the church can utilize? Does this have the possibilities that I’m dreaming about here? Could this make cost of entry into live streaming lower and more cost-effective?