Language Key

Words have baggage. In order to give a better understanding of what is being said here, I figure giving anyone who reads a post here an index and defining some terms is helpful.

Theology: An individuals beliefs about God. Who He is and what He does. This informs our worldview and how we create our culture.

Example: Atheists have a theology that God doesn’t exist.

Technology: any advancement that helps improve life tasks.

Example: To give you an understanding of the vastness of what I mean in the use of the word improvement, this can look a lot different depending on knowledge and access to resources (at one point this was a wheel). In regards to communication this could be putting your finger in the sand and making lines if you didn’t know that you could do that before, or this could be the space shuttle 2.0 whenever NASA finishes it.

Culture: The environment around us as shaped by people, things, and assumptions we make about life.

Example: Everyone/thing has a culture. Companies like Coke, technologies like twitter, and areas like the Middle East. There are specific rules for how you act and what you do based on where you are. This will tell you about the culture you’re in.

Leadership: The influence we gain and steward in the relationships we have with those around us.

Example: Everyone has some level of leadership. This is either with friends, family, an organization, etc. The question is not if you have it, but what you do with it.

Church: a group of people that has been called out by God through the loving kindness and redemptive work of Jesus

Example: This can be everything form a few people meeting in a house over dinner and trying to love their neighbors to several thousand people meeting in a stadium to sing songs to God.

Growth Hacking: An intersection of sales, marketing and engineering. Looking at organizational growth from an engineering perspective in order to overcome roadblocks and continually tie value back to those you serve as you grow numerically.

Example: Newer startups usually have a growth hacker. Andy Johns of Facebook and Quora is a good example of this.