Light Up Sneakers – Better Than A Flashlight

I know, I know…”Light up sneakers were awesome!” I agree. Heck yes they were! Hence the need to pay tribute to them. I mean, they’re so practical. Accidentally walk into a dark cave without a flashlight? No problem, Johnny has his light up shoes. Playing hide and seek? Can’t find Tim? No problem, he has his light up shoes. Besides that, they came from LA Gear. You know, LA? Remember that awesome city from last week? Yep, that’s the place where this style came from.

This “innovative” design took the country by storm in 1992. Of course it’s not surprising, what with the high top design, and the string lighting around the entirety of the bottom. They were for those who were truly up with the current trends. And with the toxic innards of mercury that caused the lights to start when stepped on. The shoes were really to die for.

Again, this is the reason that we don’t let fashion escape from LA. Cause is what happens.

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