Morning with my kiddos

Jess’s sister is pregnant. So a few weeks ago she was helping her sister register for baby things. Hence I was with the kids and figured why not document the adventures of my minions and I. We spent the morning playing at the house then went out for whatever the day has in store for us. First, to the bank. The teller knows me and threw in a third sucker. Yay! I got one too!

Stopped by discount tire to see about some new tires. They both played on the stools and Caulder was rediculously curious about the garage (he’s all boy).

We walked across parking lot to the mall. Everyone was good about holding hands since parking lots are the equivalent of a giant street with no rules about direction and lanes.Wait…those lines aren’t just for decoration?!?! 🙂

The mall has a kids play area. There were a lot of people there. Apparently it’s the place to be on Saturday afternoons. It’s in the middle of the food court so we grabbed some lunch while there and ran by Toys-R-Us to take some photos of a few things we might want for Christmas…yes we. Nerf is still fun as an adult.

Then we found face painting. Bee got a Frozen crown and Caulder got a Spiderman picture.

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