Code For The Kingdom Austin 2014

Last year I went with a few guys to a Hackathon called Code For the Kingdom. You can read about it here. The next event in Austin is happening this weekend. This is a great opportunity if you’re in the Central Texas area and you have any experience with development, graphic design, business, movie, and game creation. Come by and participate.

Register today and join us at the 2014 Austin Create for the Kingdom Hackathon

12 Reasons you should participate in Code For The Kingdom

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Morning with my kiddos

Jess’s sister is pregnant. So a few weeks ago she was helping her sister register for baby things. Hence I was with the kids and figured why not document the adventures of my minions and I. We spent the morning playing at the house then went out for whatever the day has in store for us. First, to the bank. The teller knows me and threw in a third sucker. Yay! I got one too!

Stopped by discount tire to see about some new tires. They both played on the stools and Caulder was rediculously curious about the garage (he’s all boy).

We walked across parking lot to the mall. Everyone was good about holding hands since parking lots are the equivalent of a giant street with no rules about direction and lanes.Wait…those lines aren’t just for decoration?!?! 🙂

The mall has a kids play area. There were a lot of people there. Apparently it’s the place to be on Saturday afternoons. It’s in the middle of the food court so we grabbed some lunch while there and ran by Toys-R-Us to take some photos of a few things we might want for Christmas…yes we. Nerf is still fun as an adult.

Then we found face painting. Bee got a Frozen crown and Caulder got a Spiderman picture.

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SWITCH – the best camp you haven’t heard of

My last post was about transitions. You can read it here. This last week I participated in my last event as a youth pastor. I took our kids to Austin to SWITCH Camp. It’s described as a little bit camp, a little bit conference, and a little bit mission trip. This is a reality. I’ll come back to that.

Let’s talk about values.

A while back I wrote on values, you can read that here. Our values listed are Love God. Love Each Other. Love Those Who Don’t Know Jesus.

Let’s talk about camps.

It’s a good mix of both. Also, it’s the only “summer camp” I’ve found where I can justify the cost. With the average cost of a camp being Continue reading “SWITCH – the best camp you haven’t heard of”


Transitions are always interesting.

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Vacation – Day 2

There’s an indoor waterpark near where we’re staying the the kids couldn’t stop talking about. So we spent most of the day there.

Caulder loved the waterslides. There were some slides that he couldn’t go down and Beckett could. Other than that, he had a great time playing in the kids water playground and going down the slides there. I went down some with them and they really were fun.

He and Beckett made for good playmates. They kept each other busy most of the day. Made it a little easier to keep track of them.

After we swam, we went and took naps, then back to the water park for the afternoon. Once we finally packed up, we went back and started dinner. Our cabin has it’s own grill and picnic table. Makes for good grilling.

Grilled chicken, corn, and onions. Sautéed Broccollini. Afterwards the kids watched some Disney while Jess and I cleaned dishes(loaded the dishwasher) and say down after a long day.

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Vacation – Day 1

This is the kiddos playing at a splash pad in Tyler the day before I got there.

Out Home for the week. Between work at MIS, Blogcelerator, and Antioch we don’t take vacations often. (The last one was 3 years ago.) This year, I’ve been more convicted of the need to invest in my most important relationships. Thanks to a rule at MIS and their value of family, I’ve been forced to take vacation. I’m thankful for that.

Going on a family hike in the morning. The trail led all the way from the cabin down to the lake. It wasn’t the most well maintained trail and climbing over fallen trees made for an interesting adventure. Bee hiked in a dress and sparkly sandles. She’s a Girly Girl.

In the afternoon we swam and mom came out for a visit. The pool has a huge shallow end with some buckets that dump water out for kids to run under.

After dinner we played putt-putt and ran around on the playground.

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