Transitions are always interesting.

I’ve learned from writing here that, as time passes we are moved from one place to another. I see it in my writing. As I look at what I’ve written about over time, I see where I’m moving. Blogging is good for that. Good for seeing where you were, and where you’re going. Helping you think about the best time to pull the trigger on the transition.

I’m transitioning.

I’m in the middle of one of those transitions now. I’m working myself out of a job as a pastor at my church. No, I’m not quitting church. I’ll even still be serving there, it’ll just be in a different area that doesn’t require the pastor title. For me, this is a good thing. It’ll open me up to a whole new range of possibilities and take off some limiters that were set on me as a pastor. There’s also something interesting I’m learning:

Life is a transition.

I was at a conference about a month ago, where someone said something that intrigued me. “You’ll always exit. One day you’ll exit a business by selling, or by dying.” This is a true statement. Life is always a transition and you’ll always exit somehow. Either by choice…or not.

What’s your transition?

What are you in the middle of transitioning? What are the wins, loses, and lessons? How will you take those and grow?