Vacation – Day 1

This is the kiddos playing at a splash pad in Tyler the day before I got there.

Out Home for the week. Between work at MIS, Blogcelerator, and Antioch we don’t take vacations often. (The last one was 3 years ago.) This year, I’ve been more convicted of the need to invest in my most important relationships. Thanks to a rule at MIS and their value of family, I’ve been forced to take vacation. I’m thankful for that.

Going on a family hike in the morning. The trail led all the way from the cabin down to the lake. It wasn’t the most well maintained trail and climbing over fallen trees made for an interesting adventure. Bee hiked in a dress and sparkly sandles. She’s a Girly Girl.

In the afternoon we swam and mom came out for a visit. The pool has a huge shallow end with some buckets that dump water out for kids to run under.

After dinner we played putt-putt and ran around on the playground.

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