Vacation – Day 2

There’s an indoor waterpark near where we’re staying the the kids couldn’t stop talking about. So we spent most of the day there.

Caulder loved the waterslides. There were some slides that he couldn’t go down and Beckett could. Other than that, he had a great time playing in the kids water playground and going down the slides there. I went down some with them and they really were fun.

He and Beckett made for good playmates. They kept each other busy most of the day. Made it a little easier to keep track of them.

After we swam, we went and took naps, then back to the water park for the afternoon. Once we finally packed up, we went back and started dinner. Our cabin has it’s own grill and picnic table. Makes for good grilling.

Grilled chicken, corn, and onions. Sautéed Broccollini. Afterwards the kids watched some Disney while Jess and I cleaned dishes(loaded the dishwasher) and say down after a long day.

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